Sunflower {Poem}


She marvelled at the sound

of soft chimes
echoing violent wind gusts
through the nighttime
and the way the stars
could illuminate
the darkest of nights
and compensate
for the moon
hidden behind the clouds
for she too
was experienced with the crowds
that drove the moon
 into hiding
after fear of flight
from that first broken wing
She marvelled at the crash
of the waves
that thrashed before her
and with them braved
the resulting fall
that would immerse
her beneath its wondrous
weight and coerce
her into accepting
a continous drown,
gaining what she craved most –
when it all slows down
And beneath the waves
she’d remain in suspension
for just a few moments
with clarity and comprehension
She marvelled at the vibrant green
of the pine trees growing
up the side of the mountain
she carried without showing
 how it was worn
 as a form of protection
from herself,
for increased reflection
may reveal that
she was not ready
to experience
feeling unsteady
for she was painfully unaware
she was a sunflower
radiantly yellow
amidst a world of grey
She could not marvel
at the soft melody she produced
like the chimes in a windstorm
that she was so easily seduced
by, or how brightly
she could shine
like the stars in the night
each of her petals to define
her nature defiant
of the cloud who tried to hide
her away from the sun
but her objections were amplified
through the crash
of the waves that persisted
her to realize that reasons
for falling down existed
And she was just as bright
if not brighter
 than those pine trees
 because even without knowing it,
she was a fighter.

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