Dancing with Demons

I’ve always held an immense appreciation of poetry. As much as I love reading it, I rarely can find the time to sit down and try my hand at writing it. Although, I’m always thankful when I do because it forces me to think about language and communication in a different way, which I believe to be important.

Attached is a poem I wrote back in high school, which can also be found in Canadian poetry anthology Waking Dawn.

Dancing With Demons

The shadows she’d spend her days running from

Convinced the sun would always rise

Echoed within the darkness she promised not to succumb,

Unknowing that would be her fateful demise


The speed at which she ran did not matter,

It was a race she was destined to lose

One by one they all eventually shatter

Due to the demons they’re forced to amuse


Those demons she danced with,

The ones she never invited

Exposed each and every harrowing myth

And a fire inside they ignited


It blazed with a burning ferocity,

Producing a smoke that would soon consume her mind

Lingering with the type of monstrosity

Society prefers to keep disguised and confined


They already made a permanent residence

Living far beneath her skin

When she first witnessed evidence

Of her demons living within


The scars she would conceal

And the heavy silence she continued to hold

Were desperate attempts not to reveal

The demons by which she was controlled


The world does a lot of damage

To someone refusing to acknowledge anything aside from beauty,

An impossible quality to manage

And too often buried beneath life’s cruelty


Living in a world frozen with lies,

Her demons fuel an organic hate

Tormented, she waits on the courage to die

But the Reaper is going to make her wait




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