Where Art Meets Nature: The Ewe Sculpture Gardens

Last May, I had the delight of traveling to Ireland with 3 close friends. There, we spent one month volunteering on organic farms.


Near the end of our trip, one of our host’s took us to The Ewe sculpture gardens which demonstrated the perfect combination of nature and art.

Located in County Cork, Southwestern Ireland, the garden is teeming with life, character and inspiration.

Upon entry, you are given a paper guide to lead you through the one-kilometre nature trail of four interlinked gardens where you will find three types of stations: interactive, poetry and information boards.

20160521_154015The designs, artwork, gardens and much of the poetry posted are all done by the couple who run the operation, Sheena and Kurt.

The property extends over 280 acres by Esk mountain and provides forest, native woodland, wetland and mountain habitat for local flora and fauna.

For me, it was an incredibly enjoyable experience to be within nature, interacting with sculptures and games, read

ing thought-provoking poetry and marveling at pieces made from recycled materials.

The pictures I’ve attached don’t do it justice, but you can learn more about the gardens, the owners and their other work here.






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