The Faculty of Wonder

One thing I feel passionately towards is carrying the same faculty of wonder about the world one possesses as a child.

One of the most disappointing things to see in adulthood is an individual losing their passion, drive and curiosity of the world in place of routine.

Think of the first big trip to an unfamiliar place you took as a child. Perhaps you marveled at the size of a plane before boarding it. Perhaps your eyes grew wide with excitement at the sight of different flora and fauna than you were used to. Perhaps you questioned the social and cultural norms of where you were. Perhaps with each new day you thought of more and more questions because you were outside of your regular routine.

Now imagine thinking that way every day. Too often, children are indoctrinated with the primary goal of attending a post-secondary institution, then finding a well-paying job that will give them benefits and a stable income.

While that’s important in many situations, a consequence of that tends to be only learning what one needs to know to get and maintain a job, without holding curiosity for much else.

I believe individuals should question the world more critically, look at situations more abstractly, and never stop asking why.

I think it’s important to travel, to be acquainted with new ways of viewing the world, and to be able to critically asses one’s own ways of looking at the world.

I believe wonder and curiosity are things to be fostered, not only as a child and through school, but also as an adult through all areas of life.



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