Why Journalism?

Many people ask me why I decided to pursue a journalism degree, and it comes down to a few reasons. Throughout my high school career, I kept myself busy and motivated, avoiding idleness at all costs. As I approached graduation and prepared to attend Trent University the fall of 2015, I recognized these qualities were imperative to balancing life as a competitive dancer, dance instructor, maintaining academic success and balancing volunteer opportunities.

I confidently describe myself as a lover of learning through all its forms, with the ability to apply knowledge beyond the classroom. As a strong believer in experiential learning, I have found my extra-curricular and volunteer experiences have greatly expanded my knowledge, perspective, and compassion for humanity and our world.

My love for learning and compassion and interest in humanity’s pursuits, accompanied by my passion for writing, are why I’ve selected to pursue journalism through Trent’s joint program with Loyalist College to obtain a university degree, college diploma and major in sociology by the April of 2019.

I held an interest in journalism since the sixth grade, and did my best to select courses throughout high school that reflected that. I worked on improving my writing skills by taking additional English courses such as Writer’s Craft and Studies in Literature, and enhanced my critical thinking skills through courses such as Challenge and Change in Society, Families in Canada, and Philosophy. Additionally, I was the managing editor in my school’s Journalism class, which was responsible for producing the school’s yearbook.

My first year at Trent was primarily dedicated to exploring different courses to officially declare my joint-major as sociology, as I am incredibly interested in further understanding the inner workings of social systems and gain a broader set of transferrable skills that I believe will translate well into journalism.

I hope to one day obtain a career as a journalist, preferably in the print division. Ideally, travel will play a significant role in my career, as I aspire to see more of the world and become a more cultured and well-rounded individual. I selected journalism because I believe it to be a profession in which you can never stop learning, and therefore, never stop growing. To cease personal growth is one of my greatest fears when considering the future, for it is far too evident the amount of people in today’s society that have chosen to stop trying to better themselves and the world around them.

I would also like to foster a deeper awareness of social issues prevalent in our society, with an emphasis on our impact on the environment, and believe that journalism will provide more opportunities to accomplish this. I plan on using my resources and skills that I will develop in university to expose and convey insight towards today’s issues, and hopefully offer means or knowledge for others to make a positive difference around them.

Ultimately, I believe my post-secondary education will lead me closer to my goals of earning a living by doing something I’m passionate about and striving to make a difference in a continuously evolving world. In the words of Eric Hoffer, “In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped with a world that no longer exists”, and as a learner, I anticipate becoming closely acquainted to the heart of the earth, and reflecting that within all my future projects.


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